50 Years in Business

Head Office Staff celebrating 50 years of business

Head Office

Gapura Raya Building
Since 1988

Our office in 1965

Gapura Fire Trainning

Fire Safety Certificate
Qualified Level 1

PT. Gapura Raya was established on 27 February 1965. For 50 years we continue to be trusted by thousands of our valued customers throughout the country. Whilst we are small enough to provide personal service to our smaller customers, we are also large enough to serve some of Indonesia's largest and most prestigious companies.


"At PT. Gapura Raya you are not simply buying a product. You are getting the full technical support of a company with 50 years of experience, and you are getting the after-sales services and care of over 400 dedicated staff located at our offices in 20 cities throughout Indonesia."

Uraini Umarjadi
President Director

What We Do

Fire Extinguishers  
  • We have been in the fire extinguisher business since 1969
  • As a pioneer in this industry, we have been in the fire extinguisher business longer than any other company in Indonesia
  • Over the years, we have sold more than one million fire extinguisher units to tens of thousands satisfied customers throughout Indonesia
  • We provide full guarantee as well as complete technical support for all our fire extinguishers
  • We provide a fully certified fire extinguisher refilling service
  • Our fire workshop is fully equipped and our technicians are fully trained
  • We provide free inspection services for the life of all our fire extinguishers
  • We provide comprehensive fire extinguisher user training course to our customers on a regular basis
  • Our fire extinguishers are fully rated and are filled in accordance to NFPA 10 Standards

Greases, Lubricating Oils, and Aerosol Lubricants
  • We have been in the lubricants business since 1975
  • We have a vast knowledge of lubricants, its lubricating properties and specific performances under Indonesian conditions
  • Our hands-on approach and long-term field experience places us in the unique position to provide advice on lubricating requirements and to provide quick and effective solutions to customer's problems
  • For over 40 years our customers continue to trust us for their lubrication needs
  • Our Greases, Lubricating Oils and Aerosol Lubricants are made to the highest quality standard

Auto Care
  • We are Indonesia's sole distributor of Wynn's products and Automotive Systems since 1998
  • For years we have provided Auto Care Products and Professional Systems to the most prestigious multi national Japanese, French, German, and Indonesian automotive companies in Indonesia
Gaskets and Packings
  • Our Seals are manufactured to the highest international standards
  • We are confident that both our Gaskets and Packings are possibly the best quality available in Indonesia today

  • We have been in the welding electrodes and welding machines business since 1991
  • Our welding electrodes are manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Our welding machines are manufactured in Italy to our highest specification by Ergus
  • Our trained technicians at our fully equipped workshop are always ready to provide full technical support to all our welding machine customers
  • We provide full guarantee for all our welding products


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